About us

About us


Fish Bowl Restaurant is our undertaking of high end cuisine, but with a rebel twist, that entrusts us to take a slice of many cultural cuisines and putting our own take on the food we serve. Fish Bowl sways from the standardised methodology of fine dining, creating its our own style that you’d find in a typically monotonous experience that is fine dining.


The way we cook in Fish Bowl is very experimental, we never shy away from taking unorthodox approaches when creating our dishes. Our complex mixology, is also something we are proud of, the cocktails are highly curated, which combines beautifully with the food for a spectacular experience


We could not introduce Fish Bowl without first mentioning its location. Just a few metres from the Mediterranean Sea, located in one the best Southern Costa Blanca coast lines, it breathes distinct traits of the local Spanish culture, together with avant-garde Influences brought from all over the world. Not only do we offer a vibrant and extravagant atmosphere, we serve all our guests dishes in a bold culinary style that will not only bring magic to your palate, but also all the senses.



The flair bartending specialists are on display for your very eyes, This is not only one of our strengths, but a fundamental part of our gastronomic experience. We believe that everything should blend in harmony, and a clear example is our symbiosis between culinary art and cutting-edge mixology.


The perfect combination of innovative and high end quality raw materials, our talented Chefs are working at full capacity, in a space that allows them to create without limiting their creativity. The result are dishes that satisfy even the most exquisite palate.

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